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Being a Firefighter/EMT is not for most people and challenges even the toughest and most astute team members. Those selected for membership will be sent to Fire Academy and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) school to gain Firefighter & EMT certifications. All training and certification is provide at no cost and is designed to provide real-world skills and knowledge for emergency response. This is no doubt, one of the most rewarding, exciting and challenging ways a person can volunteer to help the community!

If it weren’t for Volunteers, three fourths of the United States would be without adequate fire protection. This is also true in our community! Few jobs offer the challenges, recognition and rewards that Volunteer fire and emergency medical services can offer. Protecting the lives and property of neighborhood families is our mission.

South Bay Fire Department volunteers respond from our main station 8-1 (on Schincke Road) and sub-station 8-3 (on Boston Harbor Road). The district employs  career staff who support over 60 Volunteers who primarily provide response and public service to the South Bay area. They also have three firefighters and three lieutenants to help provide daytime coverage.

We are always looking for dedicated, responsible and ambitious Volunteers to help support our community. If you think you have what it takes to be a firefighter, please fill out and submit an application. Applications are accepted year-round however the recruitment process is conducted twice a year. The selection process consists of a written test (general knowledge), a firefighter physical agility course and an interview panel. The number of membership offers depends upon current Department need.

For questions or further details call us at (360) 491-5320 or email Assistant Chief LeMay at 

Volunteer Firefighters are…

  • Emergency Responders – We will train you to safely respond and engage in firefighting operations, provide emergency medical assistance and serve the community in a way no other Volunteer organization can offer. 

  • Recognized & Respected – Your dedication efforts don’t go unnoticed. The community appreciates your work, as does your fellow Volunteers. We value our Volunteers and provide on-going training as well as social events for our Volunteers.

  • Rewarded with Benefits – Our District offers Volunteers a competitive array of financial incentives, educational and training opportunities as well as insurance and retirement benefits.

  • Rewarded with Personal Satisfaction – Volunteers are rewarded with the personal satisfaction of serving their community, saving a life or dwelling and serving a necessary purpose to the well-being of their fellow man.

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