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Home Address Markers

If you had an emergency at your house, is your home address clearly marked so we could identify your house and respond

in a timely matter?
When someone has a heart attack, or a house is on fire, minutes make a difference! Some questions to ask yourself about

your address are:

  • Is it CLEARLY marked?

  • Can house numbers be seen from the road?

  • Are house numbers clearly visible on a mail box?

  • Can it be read at NIGHT?

  • Are house numbers reflective?

  • Can it be seen from BOTH directions?

  • If your home is hidden in the trees, is there some clear address identification visible from the road?

We’re Here To Help!

Free address markers are available from the South Bay Fire Department. If you live in the district and need a marker or

know someone else within the district who needs a marker, please stop by our headquarters to complete a request form or 

fill out the form below and hit submit.

Once the marker is done (up to two weeks), you will be called and one of our fire fighters will deliver and install the marker for you. Markers will be installed by the department free of charge.

Address Marker Information Form

Markers are made with two-inch white, reflective numbers on a blue metal plate. We will contact you as soon as the marker is complete. Members of the Fire Department will install your marker.

Address Markers are for addresses within our District only.

Address Marker1.png
Address Marker2.png
Address Marker Request
Markers are made with two-inch, white, reflective numbers on a blue metal plate. Members of the Fire Department will install your marker as their schedule allows. If you prefer, you may request to be contacted when the sign is complete, then pick up and install the sign yourself. Indicate prefernce:

Thanks for submitting!

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