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South Bay Fire District 8
Board of Fire Commissioners

To email a commissioner, please click the highlighted link below.

Duties of the Fire Commissioners


The Board of Fire Commissioners has full responsibility for managing all affairs of the District, including comprehensive planning, budgeting, organizational design and general policies for guiding the delivery of services. The Board appoints a District Secretary and a Fire Chief and delegates them certain authorities for managing the operational function of the District.


Chairman of the Board


The Chair is directly responsible to assure that meetings are conducted according to the State Open Public Meetings Act and District policy.

How the Board Operates


Regular meetings of the Board are held once a month on a Tuesday. Occasionally a meeting will be moved due to a conflict. Meetings begin at 5:30 pm and are held at Station 8-1 located at 3506 Shincke Road NE, Olympia. Most meetings last between one to three hours. All regular and special Board meetings are open to the public and all actions authorized or required by law are taken at these meetings. A schedule of all regular meetings is available on the District web site

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