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In Memory of Greg Thompson

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Greg Thompson was truly a good man and a role model for those in the fire service.  Greg began his service with the South Bay Fire Department as a volunteer in 1992 at the age of 16.  He showed great initiative, work ethic, and abilities, and six short years later, he had progressed through the ranks of the department to the position of Assistant Chief.

He worked hard as a training officer to develop an outstanding training program. He embraced training with a passion rarely seen.  He influenced fire service trainers and educators on a local, statewide and nationwide scope.  His involvement in Thurston County Medic One was instrumental in crafting an EMS education and training program second to none in our State.

To the members of the South Bay Fire Department, he was not only a valued leader, mentor, teacher, and brother, but he was also a dear and compassionate friend who never stopped caring for others.

Perhaps his greatest legacy to us is a large population of well-trained emergency responders in many agencies and communities, a number that is well beyond calculation. His influence in the district and the fire service in Thurston County and beyond was remarkable for such a young man.



How to give: People can either write a check to the Association and note the memorial fund or stop into any Heritage Bank location and ask that the funds go to South Bay Fire Association “In Memory of Assistant Chief Greg Thompson “.

Heritage Locations: The account was set up at the downtown Olympia location at  201, 5th Avenue SW, but people can donate at any of the Heritage locations.


Hertitage Bank Downtown Olympia

Hertitage Bank Lacey

Where the funds will go: The family is in the process of selecting one or more charities that Greg would have supported.

Monitoring the fund: Association Treasurer, Sean Murphy will monitor funds and work with the family to make sure they are controlled.

Questions: Contact Sean Murphy with your questions. Cell (206) 914-1842

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