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Master Planning


We are updating the District’s long-range master plan to more consistently achieve our Mission and Target Levels of Service.

In 2016, phase-I of the planning process focused on staffing.  A series of workshops was held involving volunteers and career staff to consider alternatives for sustainable staffing expansion for the long-term.  The Chief proposed a modified staffing plan and organization structure which was approved by the Board.  Implementation of the resulting changes has begun and is expected to continue over the next year.

During the first half of 2018, phase-II of the planning effort will focus on long term facilities needs and how our members can be most cost-effectively deployed to improve service consistency. This may include the evaluation of:

  • Optimal locations and number of fire stations

  • The sale of under-used properties

  • Staff deployment models (how members are assigned to stations)

  • Facility upgrades and/or building of new fire stations

  • Financing requirements and methods

  • Interim activities to improve service while long range plans are implemented

This phase of planning will have significant implications on service and costs.  It is important to have both department members and citizens involved and aware of the alternatives and trade-offs being considered.  To help promote involvement in the process, this web page will include the relevant documents that are produced as part of the planning process.

The planning process for phase-II planning will proceed in 5 steps:

  1. Organize the planning process and collect relevant data

  2. Gather ideas and concerns to consider in planning

  3. Work through all of the information to develop feasible alternatives

  4. Review alternatives with all stakeholders for feedback

  5. Refine and select a plan with which to move forward

In 2019, we began work on Phase III planning, that includes remaining areas including training, support functions, apparatus and equipment, public education and prevention, etc.

Master Planning Documents - 2021

The District developed these documents in previous planning efforts related to improving service on Johnson Point.  They have useful background information and will be referenced in the planning process.

Master Planning Documents - Other

Addendum Documents

Board of Fire Commissioners - Workshop Meeting Minutes

Public Presentation 

Master Planning Presentation - April 30, 2018

Watch this video to learn more about us!


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