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The Servant Attitude

The purpose of District Guiding Principles it to provide all Members a clear and objective model of expected behavior as part of the Team providing critical services to our Community.

The concept of a “Servant Attitude” is one of teamwork, understanding of purpose, positive attitude, respect for others and personal accountability.  This concept will become the over-arching theme of each Member’s Performance and Development Planning (PDP) process.

This document is intended to describe the key attributes of “Servant Attitude” as it will relate to the PDP process and day to day practice.

  • Members work well with others: any success in accomplishing the District’s Mission is critically dependent upon teamwork.  Teamwork is demonstrated when we expand our perspective from simply performing our individual tasks to helping ensure the overall mission is accomplished by giving assistance, encouragement and support to Team Members.  Offer assistance to others and mentor newer Members.  Take pride in achievements of the Team.  Lead by example and be the Team Member that everyone counts on.

  • Members understand why we are here: the American fire service has a cherished and respected tradition of community service that we must carefully preserve.  Each Team Member must act in accordance with our District’s Mission, Vision and strategic direction, taking care of all of our customers, external (our public and recipient of service) and internal (our Members and supporters).  You must serve with integrity, passion and competency.

  • Members display positive attitudes: research has shown that human relational skills and attitude account for 85% of a persons’ success on the job (versus 15% for technical skills).  A positive attitude and the effect it has on others is contagious.  Members working toward common understanding, with positive “can do” energy, create organizational unity and promote achievement.

  • Members will always act in a respectful manner: mutual respect and empathy create strong bonds and promote understanding within an organization.  While we may not always agree with each other, it is important to consider (actively listen, not only with our ears, but with our mind and heart) to the other Member’s “side of the story”.  Building respectful relationships starts with you.  Respectful relationships lead to trust, and with organizational trust, our collective ability to achieve is assured.

  • Each Member is accountable for their role in serving the Community: the District is committed to training and providing you with all the tools necessary for you to do your job.  You will be held accountable to act as a Team Member, serve with intent, passion and competency and to be respectful at all times.  Your Supervisor will work with you to ensure you will successfully achieve your personal goals and objectives through the PDP process and day to day activity.

This is all part of practicing the Servant Attitude!

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