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   District Goals and Objectives
   Primary District Goal: Provided customer service consistent with our adopted Target Levels of Service

 Fire Operations Target Level of Service: provide emergency response to structure fires and begin initial attack procedures within 10           minutes of notification, with a minimum staffing of 4 personnel, and be able to deliver a minimum of 250 gallons per minute of water       for a 30 minute period in non-hydranted areas, and deliver the fire flows prescribed in hydranted areas.


Emergency Medical Services Target Level of Service (LOS): provide basic life support (BLS) response and begin necessary medical treatment within 8 minutes of notification, with a minimum staffing of 2 EMTs or First Responders and attendant equipment (either carried on District apparatus or on POV).  This LOS will include BLS initial response to advance life support (ALS) calls in conjunction with theThurston County Medic-One system.

   Strategic Goals:

  1.    Ensure we have a full complement of qualified responders.

         Performance Measurements:

         1 Number of incident readiness & response members, by qualification level, on the active roster (“quantity”); and

         2 General competency among members for all positions (“quality”).

  2.    Strengthen our involvement with the community.
         Performance Measurements:
  • A broad-based Community Advisory Team with active ongoing communication with the Board;

  • Community-based volunteers actively participating in both incident readiness & response and support programs; and

  • Effective community risk reduction programs.

  3.    Build an organizational culture of trust and accountability.

         Performance Measurements:

  • A well-communicated and understood set of Mission, Vision, Values and Goals;

  • An annual organization health survey; and

  • Job descriptions, performance evaluations and personal development plans for all members.

  4.   Strengthen our cultural focus on fiscal accountability and operational efficiency.

        Performance Measurements:

  • Balanced operating and capital budgets; and

  • A well understood purchasing process and assurance that we obtain the best value for our money.

Adopted July 11, 2017

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