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The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, February 11, beginning at 5:30 pm.

Regular Board meetings will be held once a month on the second Tuesday of the month beginning at 5:30 pm.

All regular meetings will be held at the Main South Bay Station unless otherwise noted. Most meetings

last between one to three hours. All regular and special Board meetings are open to the public.   

Note: Meetings are subject to change. Notice of change will be posted on this site and at the meeting location.

2020 Board of Fire Commissioners’ Meetings

Tuesday    01/14/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    02/11/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    03/10/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    04/14/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    05/12/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    06/09/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    07/14/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    08/11/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    09/15/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    10/13/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    11/10/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm
Tuesday    12/08/2020    Regular Meeting   5:30 pm

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Board of Fire Commissioners’ Meetings

Special Meetings

November 19, 2019

Are you prepared if the power goes out? A message from Puget Sound Energy…

We’re acting now to prevent storm-related outages, which is why we spend our summers strengthening our electric system. We’ve been trimming away trees and installing electric cables specifically designed to resist outages caused by branches. We are dedicated to the communities and businesses we serve, to keep you safe and informed through the storm season. Here are some tools and tips we encourage you to utilize:

Ways to report and track outages:


Report an outage:

  • @PSETalk on Twitter or visit PSE on Facebook

Safety Tips:

Call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 or 911 to report electrical or natural gas safety hazards.
Never touch or go within 30 feet of downed power lines because they might be energized.
If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately and call PSE at 1-888-225-5773 or 911.
Never use a natural gas range or charcoal as an indoor heating or cooking source.
If you’re using portable heaters, keep them away from furniture, draperies and other flammable materials.
Always use flashlights instead of candles.

Never run a generator inside the home or business. For more information see our website: PSE.COM






Multiple Counties impose ban on debris burning starting May 8, 2019

As of midnight last night, Thurston, Mason, Pierce, King, Kitsap, Skamania, Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Pacific, and Wahkiakum counties in Western Washington have imposed a temporary ban on debris burning in these counties.


At the same time, fire danger in all those counties increased from low to moderate.


Other than the southern portions of Garfield, Columbia, and Asotin Counties (i.e. the Blue Mountains), all eastern Washington Counties are also at Moderate Fire Danger.

The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) is a local government agency charged with regulatory and enforcement authority for air quality issues in Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Mason, Pacific, and Thurston counties.


ORCAA is one of seven such regional air pollution control agencies in Washington state.

Outdoor burning of residential materials in Thurston County is prohibited July 15 through October 1 each year. This seasonal prohibition, crafted by the Thurston County Residential Outdoor Burning Committee, has been in effect for many years. The Committee includes representatives from Thurston County, the state Department of Natural Resources (DNR), local fire agencies and Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA).

Outdoor burning is prohibited year-round for residents within the cities of Olympia, Tumwater and Lacey, as well as for county residents within the Urban Growth Area (UGA) boundary. At this time, recreational fires are not affected by the seasonal curtailment. Recreational fires are fires used for entertainment or cooking purposes and are made of either charcoal or seasoned firewood. They can be no larger than 3-feet diameter.

The restrictions on outdoor burning during the summer and early autumn have resulted in a significant drop in brush fires and property damage each of the past couple years, according to fire officials.

“Safety stands as the most important consideration here,” said Dan Nelson, spokesman for ORCAA. “Also, as the restrictions have greatly reduced the number of escaped brush fires in the county each year, there has been a reduction in big smoke events as well.”

Fortunately, safe and effective alternatives to burning exist. Residents have several options for disposing of their yard waste. These include the following:

  • Composting: Maintaining a home compost pile provides you with a ready source of rich soil additives that will get rid of your yard waste while reducing (or eliminating) your need for expensive fertilizes. Use the natural compost as a soil additive in your gardens to keep your flowers bright, and your vegetables plump and tasty.


  • Chipping/Grinding: Bigger, woody debris may be too large for the compost bin. That’s where a chipper comes in. Rent one yourself, or get together with your neighbors to do a neighborhood chipping party. Wood chips can be composted, or used as ground cover around open flower beds (to supplement or replace expensive beauty bark).


  • County-Wide Curbside Organics Bin, Offered through LeMay, Curbside organics/yard waste service is available in virtually all areas of Thurston County. To sign up for service and have a bin delivered to your home, call LeMay Enterprises at (360) 923-0111. If you live in the City of Olympia, call (360) 753-8368, option 1. (Yard waste bins are now called “organics” bins.) For more information, visit the Food Plus Organics Recycling web page.

  • Yard Debris Drop-Off Site located at:

          Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center
          2418 Hogum Bay Road NE
          Lacey, WA 98516

For more information on the outdoor burning rules throughout ORCAA’s jurisdiction, visit burning/residential-outdoor-burning/


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